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  • kilrock bath shower

    Kilrock- Bath & Shower Trigger Spray 500ml

    Kilrock’s bath and shower spray cleans while it clings! A unique spray gel, with a citrus scent, it clings to vertical surfaces in your bathroom, just spray it on, spread it over the surface and leave it to work.

    Ideal for shower surrounds, baths, sinks and tiles.

    £3.75 inc Vat
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  • just for racks

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    Oven Mate Just for Racks Oven Rack Cleaner, 500ml

    Oven Mate Just for Racks Oven Rack Cleaner, 500ml

    A great way to clean oven racks thoroughly, with no mess. Jest place the whole rack in the bag and pour in the cleaning solution. Once clean, just remove and rinse.

    Cleaning solution
    1x pair protective gloves
    1x pair arm protectors
    2x rack bags

    £12.99 inc Vat
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  • wood furniture repair

    Parker & Bailey Furniture Repair Kit

    Parker & Bailey Furniture Repair Kit

    These specially formulated colour markers and filler sticks are designed for restoring the colour and look to scratched and worn wood surfaces including furniture, woodwork, doors, panelling, floors and more! The markers and sticks are formulated for long lasting, colour-fast results that dry to the touch in seconds.

    £13.99 inc Vat
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Featured Products

  • Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray

    Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray, 500ml

    This easy-to-use format delivers BKF cleaning power for use in everyday cleaning situations.
    From kitchen and bathroom to stainless steel, and glass.
    Also removes stubborn limescale stains from tiles, basins, showers and baths.

    £2.99 inc Vat
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  • Peek Premium Polish


    Peek Premium Polish

    Cleans Polishes & Protects. A very popular high quality polish for Brass, copper, steel, aluminium, fiberglass & ceramics.

    £6.25 inc Vat
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  • Dustpic roller


    Dustpic Adhesive Lint Roller Brush

    The Best Lint Roller available anywhere !

    The adhesive roller brush that picks up everything, UK designed extra strong patented handle making it easy to fit a refill.

    Approx 7.6 metres (25ft) length roll. Simple to us, tear off diagonal sheets whilst you are on the go.

    £4.00 inc Vat
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